mod lounger + otto


The Mod Lounger brings together Offi and Lisa Albin's shared sensibility for innovative design that articulates the product's function in its form and expresses a fun approach to everyday objects. With this collaboration, the bent ply Mod Rocker was reinterpreted within the entirely different manufacturing capability of rotational molded plastic, and thus we were able to further develop the expressive and sculptural nature of the design.

Otto, our complement to the Mod Lounger, is an organically sculpted ottoman, which is multipurpose and multigenerational. It's where biomorphic form meets architectural slab design. Right side up, Otto serves its obvious function as a dynamically shaped ottoman or bench. And when flipped, the form features a roomy scooped out interior that is perfect for planting. The form was inspired by stones, shells and landscape architecture — as well as Japanese Mochi ice cream balls and corporate lobbies! Playing with language, Otto reads the same way forwards and backwards, conveying the flip-able quality of the design.

The Mod Lounger and Otto can be can be enjoyed by all ages and for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications within the residential and contract markets. Enjoy these fun products in your cool hang out space, at the library... or by the pool!

  • Sculptural + fun form in durable rotational-molded polyethylene
  • Multi-use function for residential, contract, hospitality, education + even poolside!
  • Perfect for all ages � adults and children alike
  • Available in orange, red, blue, green, white + black
  • Recyclable plastic: #4 LDPE
  • Interior + exterior use
  • Drainage for outdoors
  • Otto: use as ottoman, stool or uniquely shaped planter when flipped

To order:
If you don't have a retailer in your area that carries Iglooplay,
please contact us for prices or to place an order. or call (718) 622-0047

To the Trade: please contact us at for residential or contract specs + further trade info.

All Images Copyright �2006 Lisa Albin Design